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Monthly Archives: December 2017

Space Hulk Diorama Revisited (3)

Satchel ‘Walk In Freedom’


I’ve painted the fourth genestealer, and finished the Space Hulk backdrop now:

I’m going to adjust the Librarian a bit, as some aspects of it look a bit poor:

The face, staff, cloak, and parchments/books could all do with improvement – I recall struggling a bit with the freehand designs, the first time around; so we’ll have to see what can be done.



Space Hulk Diorama Revisited (2)

Ivy ‘Undertow’ 


I’ve finished revamping the main part of the Space Hulk diorama:

I think it looks a bit better now, as the walls no longer overshadow the genestealers.

The slime was made using the same method as outlined in a previous tutorial.

Space Hulk Diorama Revisited (1)

Memory Tapes ‘Swimming Field’


I wasn’t entirely happy with the Space Hulk diorama, which was made last year; so I’m going to alter some aspects of it.

The red colour of the walls overpowers the models:

Plus the corner in the far-right of this picture looks a bit empty; and there are some unsightly gaps in places:

A few additional details, and a slightly more gloomy paint-scheme, will hopefully improve the overall atmosphere:

Along with a fourth genestealer, scrambling over the edge:

This is a bit contrived, of course; but I think melodrama is okay in a diorama.

Painting a death guard army (9) – finished

Queen Latifah ‘Rough’ 

I’ve finished the Death Guard models, now:

This maybe hasn’t been the most enthralling series of posts; but hopefully it has at least achieved the aim of demonstrating that you can paint an army, without foregoing every other aspect of your life.