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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Night Goblin Shaman revisited

Hang Ups ‘Jump Start’ 

I’ve finished rejigging the Night Goblin, originally done in February 2017:

Nothing too drastic – just making the base look a bit more imposing:

And I’ve changed the clothing – from a slightly over-bright hood:

To a racy, off the shoulders number (so to speak):

I also re-painted the metal areas with metallic paints:

Happier with this now than before:

This was the last of the models which needed re-tweaking; so I’m going to start painting the Inquisitor models this week – beginning with the Cherubim.




Felt ‘Cathedral’ 


I’m not quite ready to begin painting the Inquisitor retinue yet; so in the meantime, I decided to finish the models from last year, which needed a bit of improvement.

One is the Blanchian figure – I wasn’t keen on the banner, or the candle flames:

So, I’ve redone these:

The model was partly based on the anti-war paintings of Otto Dix – so I changed the banner from a Nurgley one, to an Imperial Guard design, which seemed more fitting:

I’m going to make some minor adjustments to the Night Goblin Shaman; and then I should be done.

Make Khemri Great Again – a slight revision.

Scrawl ‘Louis L’amour’ 

I wasn’t completely happy with this when I finished it last year, so I’ve just tweaked it slightly; partly as a kind of warm-up, before beginning to paint the Inquisitor retinue.

The desert area looked a bit empty, and the torch obscures the female rider’s face when viewed from the front.

So I’ve added some detail, re-positioned the hand; and also made the two characters separate from the base:

Bit happier with this, now.

I’m not quite sure of the colour scheme for the Inquisitor models yet; so it may be a while before I make a proper start on them.