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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Book Wraith (Inq 28)

Jane’s Addiction ‘Mountain Song’ 


I’ve finished the Book Wraith – it’s taken so long as I couldn’t get the colour scheme right:

I tried brighter colours on the feathers, at first; but it didn’t really suit the model:

So I added a bit of subtle colour in the form of jewels; and stuck to a warm palette.

I had painted the wings in khaki – but it looked slightly drab:

Which is why I changed the lower feathers to gold, and made the others more vivid.

I’m going to paint the Mendicant figure next – although I haven’t figured out a colour scheme there, yet, either.


Cherubim – painting dark skin.

Deftones ‘elite’ 

I had problems with painting dark skin, when trying to make the Khemrian rider look Arabian – so I took a different approach this time.

Rather than use dark brown, I used a dark reddish brown – i.e. Rhinox Hide; which looks more natural:


To paint dark skin

Colours needed:

Basecoat: Rhinox Hide

Wash: black + dark brown

Layer: Rhinox Hide + small amount of Mournfang Brown

Layer: Rhinox Hide + Tau Light Ochre (2:1)

Edge highlight: Rhinox Hide + Tau Light Ochre + small amount of Khaki

Paint extreme highlights on areas like the knuckles, by adding Ushabti Bone into the above mix.

Glaze all over with a very thin layer of Rhinox Hide; and then with Seraphim Sepia.


A difficulty posed by painting the skin dark is that if you paint the surrounding areas in light colours, it detracts from the main body of the model – so a bit of planning beforehand is helpful.

Alternatively, a fair bit of trial and error….

For the scheme of the overall collection of models, though, I’m going to try and move away from the European-Gothic theme, which tends be quite generic in Warhammer; and use patterns and colours from African, Middle Eastern, and Indian art.

You can see some of these motifs in the old Tomb Kings models – and the even older Al Mukhtar’s Desert warriors; but there’s not much to go on in Warhammer miniatures/artwork.

Thankfully, there is plenty of real world reference material around, to take inspiration from. I might make a post about this in more detail.