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Monthly Archives: June 2018

Mendicant (2)

Miniatures ‘Honey’ 


I’ve finished the basic painting of the Mendicant figure:


I painted the skin on this model slightly differently to the dark tone of the Cherubhim – as using Rhinox Hide left it looking a bit formless.

The surrounding areas were kept fairly simple, and muted, in order to avoid overshadowing the faces.



1) German Cam. Black Brown

2) Wash: smoke + tank brown + black

3) Rhinox Hide

4) Mournfang Brown

5) Mournfang brown + Ushabti bone (add increasing amounts of Ushabti bone, over successive layers, to highlight: less is more, here).

6) Glaze: smoke.


1) Black

2) The Fang

3) The Fang + Fenrisian grey

4) Paint the sand using Zamesi desert

5) Wash over the glass/sand with the same smoke + tank brown + black mix as above.

6) Highlight the glass using Fenrisian grey, and the sand using Zamesi desert + khaki

7) glaze: asurmen blue, then smoke.


1) USA Olive Brown

2) Earth + Fenrisian grey (drybrush this)

3) Wash: smoke + tank brown + black

4) Drybrush Earth + Fenrisian grey again

5) Add Rakarth flesh to the above mix (drybrush)

6) Wash: USA olive brown

7) Edge highlight with Rakarth flesh

8) Glaze: smoke

I also painted the hair with these colours – but added white instead of Rakarth flesh to the mix, so that it would catch the eye; and ensure the faces remained the focal point of the miniature.


1) Leather brown

2) Wash: smoke + tank brown + black

3) Drybrush leather brown

4) Drybrush  leather brown + zamesi desert

5) Drybrush khaki

6) Paint scratches/edges with khaki

7) Glaze: smoke


It needs freehand designs painting on it, now; which will be based on Maasai patterns. This may take some time.