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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Arco-Flagellant (1)

Lightfoils – Diastolic


I’ve made a start on the arco-flagellant – though I’m not sure how to paint the carapace armour yet:


I’ve been thinking about a geometric design; but I like the aesthetic of the costumes in the Black Panther movie – so, I might try and incorporate a similar theme.

I’ll make a tutorial on how to paint the electric flails; and also the skin – as it needs to look slightly more necrotic than the previous models.



Mendicant (3)

Ivy ‘worry about you’ 


I’ve finished this, now – the patterns were mainly drawn from Maasai designs; but hopefully without looking out of place in a 40K setting:



I’m going to paint the arco-flagellant next – partly just as a break from painting patterned clothing.

I’ve changed the model slightly though, as the shield on the back spoiled the silhouette of the figure; and the electro-flails also looked a bit gauche:

You can see the changes here: