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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Inquisitor Blacktalon (4)

Loof – Sleepy Sheep 


I’ve made a start on the non-metallic areas – beginning with the silver parts:

This is not a technique I’ve had much success with in the past – but I think I have improved; which is the main aim here. 

I also modified the sword blade – oddly enough, glazing it with a bright yellow colour brought out the blue much better than before.

Onto the golden areas – which are quite tricky; if memory serves. The last time I painted non-metallic gold, it tended to look like caramel.


Inquisitor Blacktalon (3)

Wool – Coalinga 


I’ve finished most of the main figure; but I decided to paint the metal parts with non-metallic colours – which is not a method I’ve managed to master, previously.

So, it may take some time to get the gold and silver sections right. I think the sword blade needs adjusting slightly, as well; because the coloration is too subtle.

I wanted the face to look feminine, but quite austere.

I also opted for a blue-grey colour scheme, rather than the pristine white armour I was initially going to paint.