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Monthly Archives: June 2019

Primaris Legion of the Damned (3) – painting black power armour

50 Foot Wave – Dog Days 


I wanted the armour to have a cold tone, so I’ve highlighted it with turquoise and greys:

I’ve left the shoulder pads blank at this stage, as I’m not sure which parts will need highlighting once the flames/chapter icons are in place. 


Paints used:


Base: Abaddon Black + Incubi Darkness (2:1)

Shade: wash recesses with Abaddon Black

Edge highlights: 1) Incubi Darkness 2) Thunder Hawk Blue 3) Administratum Grey 4) Pale Grey Blue

Blink dots: white

Glaze: all over with Nuln Oil + Incubi Darkness + Lahmian medium

I found it necessary to tidy-up around some of the highlighting, using the base-colour of black+Incubi Darkness.

At each highlighting stage, I would recommend completing one area at a time – e.g. an armour plate – before moving onto another. Otherwise all the edge-highlighting becomes a bit demoralising.

Painting this will probably prove a bit stop-start, as I have something else that needs doing – but all will become clear, hopefully.