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The world’s most revolting cakes – in pictures

‘Maggot Therapy On Diabetic Ulcer’ cupcake, as featured in The Guardian. Eat Your Heart Out is a bakesale with a twist: revoltingly wonderful cakes, helping to raise awareness of medical problems. For more delightful weirdery, see the EvilCakeHead site, replete with lung cancer cookies, and STD buns.

Random Inspiration

Website of May Ann Licudine: a Filipino artist, who is mute and deaf – a gallery full of astonishingly wonderful illustrations. She also has a blog here.

Dissected Mr Peanut.

Artwork for every single computer game on the Sega master System.

Gallery of Russian fairy-tale illustrations.

Vandalog – street art of all kinds.

Super-Intelligent Ape Chauffeurs by the Year 2020.

This land is my land: animated – and funny – history of the middle east.

Inspiration: Apocalypse!

No – not the GW game about massive battles and (fun) power-gaming delight. John Martin’s visions of The End Of Times.

Intense, disturbing and vivid – a great source of inspiration for creating striking painting schemes and landscape terrain:

The Great Day Of His Wrath


The Deluge

Sodom and Gomorrah