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Mountaineer – Work In Progress (3)

Slack ‘Bates Stamp’

Just a brief work in progress update really, as I haven’t had too much free time during the past week; plus the methods used to paint this were pretty much the same ones used on the plague zombies of last year:





Just the back banner to finish – though I may paint a symbol on the shoulder pad, if needs balancing out.

As the first post of 2017, it seems remiss not to review the past year. Outside of painting, 2016 was a difficult and occasionally unpleasant year, on a personal level; and a frequently disturbing one around the world in general. Working on miniatures provided a welcome escape at times.

I’m slightly surprised at how few projects I finished, though – as I don’t recall a day when I wasn’t painting or modelling. Only the three, in order:

Dwarf Dragon Slayer 

Space Hulk Diorama

Necromunda Diorama 

My personal highlight of the year was hitting on the idea of using Chinese calligraphy in painting; as it opens up some interesting future possibilities.

I think my resolutions for the upcoming year are one, to speed up my completion rate a bit. Two, to become more active in the general painting community – I decided last year to change the format of this blog, and move away from it being a fairly solitary photo-journal, to being more interactive via tutorials. I would like to develop that aspect, somehow. Third, it really is overdue that I mastered non-metallic metals – it’s been an enduring point of frustration for me as a technique; and it’s important to step out of your personal comfort zone from time to time, even if you end up returning to it.

Other than that, we’ll have to see what happens.


Work in progress

Parliament ‘Give Up The Funk’

Currently working on a small Celestial Wizard diorama – meant to dramatise the non-heroic aspect of warhammer, a bit in the vein of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, only in Warhammer madness and seeing things which aren’t there are a good thing.

015  018 009 006 005


I won’t say what this last one is – guesses are welcome!

Nothing’s New

Courtesy of Retronaut, a Steampunk artificial hand – from the 16th Century:

Creepy, macabre, and gross – but still pretty cool.