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Felt ‘Cathedral’ 


I’m not quite ready to begin painting the Inquisitor retinue yet; so in the meantime, I decided to finish the models from last year, which needed a bit of improvement.

One is the Blanchian figure – I wasn’t keen on the banner, or the candle flames:

So, I’ve redone these:

The model was partly based on the anti-war paintings of Otto Dix – so I changed the banner from a Nurgley one, to an Imperial Guard design, which seemed more fitting:

I’m going to make some minor adjustments to the Night Goblin Shaman; and then I should be done.


Space Hulk Diorama (12): making slimy what-nots.

Tripping Daisy ‘Motivation’

Took a bit longer than anticipated to finish the second genestealer, due to a somewhat turbulent past fortnight. But anyway, a brief tutorial on how to create a slime effect.

What you need – a piece of nylon thread (in this case, the kind which attaches labels to clothes):




PVA glue, still water effect, and epoxy glue to build up the actual slime effect:


Tamiya transparent paints and still water effect to paint it with:


So, firstly, attach a microbead, and a short piece of nylon thread, to the tongue with PVA glue:


Add a thin layer of the epoxy glue, using a cocktail stick; and leave this to cure. Then add several layers of still water effect:


Once all of this has dried, make the paint – mix the Tamiya green and yellow together, and add a small amount of the smoke colour. Add some still water effect to this; and then paint several layers on the tongue – waiting for each one to dry, before adding the next:


You can see the bullet-hole effect here, half-way down on the right-hand side of the carapace. The blood was made by mixing some epoxy glue together, then adding a dab of the same paint mixture from the previous stage, before dotting it into the hole with a cocktail stick:




I haven’t had time to check-out many other painters’ work during the past week, unfortunately; but hopefully the next few weeks will be less disruptive. One more genestealer to go, and then on with the Librarian.

Old Stuff….

Daylight ‘Life In A Jar’

These are my old Chaos Space Marine figures – some are current range, but most were ones I bought back in the mid-nineties:



I’ve had these in storage since I was about 15 or so, when I lost interest in wargames (I’m currently 32). Other than the biker squadron, all of the painted miniatures were finished back when I was a kid.

I was going to sell these on, because it’s such a waste to let them gather dust, when somebody could be making good use of them. So, I got them primed up and cleaned down…and then the bug got me. Some of these are models which are truly antique now, and I’ll probably never get the chance to paint again. So, that’s my current project. A break from the small mordheim-themed army I was working on; which was a break from the Empire Wizards (which was a hiatus from a celestial diorama).