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Ikit Claw

Ken ‘I Want To Be The King Of Jesus’

For an old-school miniature, an old-school banner – made out of waterproof sketch paper and acrylics:

Not as exciting as the newest version, but still a classic.


Speed-painted Plague Monks

The first post made on this blog showed this unit as work-in-progress – completed last year:

The command unit:

The basic technique here was controlled drybrushing, use of washes for shading, and glazes to unify the colours and take the chobbiness out of the drybrushed surfaces.

Grey Seer Thanquol & Boneripper (Classic)

Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth ‘In the House’

The old Boneripper model is still pretty cool. Rocks made with kneadatite. The green sword was an early experiment with glazing.  

Skaven Grey Seer

Valis ‘Head Full Of Pills’

One of the first miniatures I painted after a lengthy absence from the hobby. A bit duff – but we all have to start somewhere.

Screaming Bell

Tsunami ‘Kidding On The Square’

This is the old Screaming Bell. It was probably the most challenging miniature I’d painted at the time of finishing it. It was also my first attempt at object source lighting, and painting verdigris.

The black wood was drybrushed repeatedly. Very tricky.