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Chaos Terminator Sorcerer

This was made using parts from the Terminator Lord and Possessed sets; along with some details sculpted on:

Re-painting Miniatures

This was originally painted last year. I re-painted it to make it a bit more dynamic, and sharpen the metallic effects. Glazed the armour with purple and turquoise, and made a more evocative base:

The sorcerer was painted last year as well, re-jigged to look a bit smoother and less gauche:

I tried to improve the lighting effect a bit – but must have been cack-handed with modelling the base, because some of it was unpaintable.

This one was originally meant to be an imperial preacher for 40,000, but I changed it to an Amethyst Wizard:

Worthwhile doing though – you can see clearly how much your skills have developed, and it leaves you with a paintjob which is much better and more striking.