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Dwarf Dragon Slayer (1)

Kitchens of Distinction ‘Aspray’ 

I’ve never painted a Dwarf miniature before; and thought this would be a really good, dynamic model to paint in non-metallic metals and bright colours. The dragon-head on the base reminded me of the figureheads on Viking long-ships, so I decided I would try to paint it up as if the Slayer had been shipwrecked by whatever he was hunting; and is about to dive into the sea to face it off:


A brief step-by-step for making the base

These were just pieces of cork tile, covered in wood putty:


Attaching the plastic base the model comes with:


Stippling several layers of wood putty on, to give it a craggy texture:


Limpets sculpted on:


I’m planning to make a splashing water-effect. There are lots of good tutorials available on how to do this, but I want to keep it quite simple, if possible. I haven’t quite figured-out how to add seaweed though.


Empire General

kitchens of distinction ‘white horses’

I painted this during December 2013-January 2014, and tried to use it as a way to practice the non-metallic metal technique. About halfway through, I decided to style it as a Mordheim refugee:






Not 100% happy with everything – but a step up from previous efforts at acheiving a metallic effect. I had to draw-upon colour theory quite a lot to get the balance right. Also, the design on the cloak came from a plastic carrier bag – proof that you really can find inspiration everywhere.

Empire Battle Wizard!

Lloyd & the Commotions ‘Rattlesnakes’



I lost one of my friends to diabetes while I was mid-way through painting this. It took a week or so before I was able to sit down and continue – strangely enough, it turned out to be the most enjoyable and life-affirming painting I’ve ever done.

The photos are awful, because I broke one of my desk lamps. I’ll post better ones when I get a new light – but the figure will look slightly different, because I dropped it, and broke the sword/owl.

Chaos Army

Tripping Daisy ‘Prick’

I painted these up to be one army – unfortunately, due to my rubbishness at photography, I couldn’t get them photographed together. But here they are as indivdual units:


The basic technique for the metallics was to go from dark to light, then shade-down with very thin ink washes (three different colours: Gryphonne Sepia, Devlan Mud, and Black – about four layers of each).



Chaos Lord – Working With Finecast

A lot has been written about the problems of Finecast – I don’t intend to repeat them here; just to demonstrate that it’s easy enough to set right.

I bought this second hand:

This is a pricey model, and I guess the seller I bought this from wanted to sell it because they were gutted at the poor quality. It’s actually really easy to put right – just soak the model in fresh-boiled water for 20-30 seconds, and the resin becomes soft and pliable. Shape it as you want – and leave it to cool for half a minute. You can do this as many times as you need to (a pair of rubber gloves is a good idea – I have asbestos hands from playing guitar).

Much, much easier to fix than any other material, I reckon:

There were a few areas that needed greenstuffing, but personally, I really enjoyed painting this.

Screaming Bell

Tsunami ‘Kidding On The Square’

This is the old Screaming Bell. It was probably the most challenging miniature I’d painted at the time of finishing it. It was also my first attempt at object source lighting, and painting verdigris.

The black wood was drybrushed repeatedly. Very tricky.

Celestial Wizard

Scott Walker ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’

Some pictures of the Celestial Wizard I painted during February 2011:






I tried to put a bit of graining into the cloak’s interior – painting thin lines of light grey over the pattern.


The telescope was made with bits from the Empire Steam Tank, a Cadian mortar, and lots of patience.


The blue colours haven’t come out too well here; but the patterning was created through stippling and glazing repeatedly.