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Mountaineer – Work In Progress (1)

The High Violets ‘Sun Baby’

The beginning of a Blanchitsu-themed figure:


Along with a skull-hopper:


I had originally conceived of this figure and its companion as Scavvies, but they didn’t sit right with the rest of the models I made for the Necromunda diorama. Instead, they looked more like a pair of itinerant wanderers; plus, the gas-mask reminded me of a painting by the German artist, Otto Dix:


Dix had fought in the First World War; and made a number of paintings depicting the brutality of the conflict. Probably his most famous one is ‘Trench Warfare’:


So, I decided to characterize this model as a wounded veteran, of sorts. I didn’t want to make a direct replica of a WW1 battlefield; but I thought maybe some of the motifs – such as duckboards and tangled wire – would hint at it: 004

Also, I kind of want to make a wintry base – partly because I haven’t made one for years; but I think it would make a suitably bleak setting as well. I may change this, though – as I quite like the steampunk aesthetic; and a gloomy backdrop might be better – but we’ll see.