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Night Goblin Shaman revisited

Hang Ups ‘Jump Start’ 

I’ve finished rejigging the Night Goblin, originally done in February 2017:

Nothing too drastic – just making the base look a bit more imposing:

And I’ve changed the clothing – from a slightly over-bright hood:

To a racy, off the shoulders number (so to speak):

I also re-painted the metal areas with metallic paints:

Happier with this now than before:

This was the last of the models which needed re-tweaking; so I’m going to start painting the Inquisitor models this week – beginning with the Cherubim.




Felt ‘Cathedral’ 


I’m not quite ready to begin painting the Inquisitor retinue yet; so in the meantime, I decided to finish the models from last year, which needed a bit of improvement.

One is the Blanchian figure – I wasn’t keen on the banner, or the candle flames:

So, I’ve redone these:

The model was partly based on the anti-war paintings of Otto Dix – so I changed the banner from a Nurgley one, to an Imperial Guard design, which seemed more fitting:

I’m going to make some minor adjustments to the Night Goblin Shaman; and then I should be done.

Make Khemri Great Again – a slight revision.

Scrawl ‘Louis L’amour’ 

I wasn’t completely happy with this when I finished it last year, so I’ve just tweaked it slightly; partly as a kind of warm-up, before beginning to paint the Inquisitor retinue.

The desert area looked a bit empty, and the torch obscures the female rider’s face when viewed from the front.

So I’ve added some detail, re-positioned the hand; and also made the two characters separate from the base:

Bit happier with this, now.

I’m not quite sure of the colour scheme for the Inquisitor models yet; so it may be a while before I make a proper start on them.

Inquisitor/Dark Millennium – using greenstuff. A sort of guide.

School of Fish ‘three strange days’ 


My sculpting skills are not very good – so my advice is only worth as much as you’re paying for it.

However, the basics of using greenstuff – or any similar epoxy putty – are reasonably straightforward.

You don’t really need to buy lots of fancy tools, as a cocktail stick will suffice for most purposes; but if you want to develop your skills a bit, then the following are helpful:

The KY jelly is to lubricate your…sculpting tools.

You can just use water, but it tends to flood the putty easily. Some people use Vaseline or olive oil instead – but these are liable to affect the adhesion of paint; whereas a water-based lubricant can be washed-off easily.

Epoxy putty:

Which turns into green stuff when you’ve kneaded it together:

If the putty is new, it’s best to wait 15-20 minutes after kneading it together, before you start sculpting; otherwise it tends not to retain its shape. If it’s old, you shouldn’t need to wait.

These are the sculpting tools that I use most often:

Colour shapers can be used for smoothing putty out – but they’re not strictly necessary; and can be quite pricey:

A craft knife, tweezers and a cocktail stick – for general purposes:

Mug of water:

I usually keep sculpting work simple, as when it goes wrong it can look a bit duff; but it is often necessary to plug gaps. So, it’s worth learning how to use greenstuff properly.

It was mainly needed for a bit of repair work here, but also to add some detail. You can see the damaged plastic around the shoulder area:

Along with the lower-left side of the back:

So, dot some KY jelly on a suitable palette; and use this to keep your sculpting tools lubricated:

To begin, roll a small piece of putty, and put it into place:

Smooth it down – shaping it to match the surrounding contours:

Because I wanted this to look like a bio-mechanic figure, I added some copper wire; and blended it into the skin with putty: 

It was much the same with the left side of the model:

Organic shapes are fairly easy, and are a good place to start if you’re new to sculpting. Straight edges require a pit more precision to look right:

I think the key is just practice – to be patient, and build layers up gradually. Confidence also makes a difference, too – but don’t be afraid to remove the putty and start over again, if it goes wrong.


Inquisitor/Dark Millennium – works in progress (4)

Zemaria ‘laser eyes’

I made a female Scion – the main conversion here is the stance; as the models tend to be quite stocky, and so didn’t look right with a woman’s head, somehow:

I was going to make a mobile pulpit, but the idea didn’t really suit this group of models. So, I’ve made two ephemeral figures, instead. A cyber-Cherub:

And a book-wraith:

Normally, because faces are the natural focal point of a miniature, it’s a bad idea to obscure them – but I thought it would leave the model a bit more mysterious if you have to make a slight effort to see its face.

I will put together a piece on the basics of using greenstuff in the next post.

Inquisitor/Dark Millennium – works in progress (3)

Seefeel ‘More Like Space’ 

I’ve made the psyker – styled as a kind of shamanic figure, from the Dark Elf Sorceress:

I tried to keep the conversion work fairly subtle, and avoid changing the contours of the figure itself:

I have one more model to make to finish this group – maybe another; though what I have in mind might be better suited to standing alone.

Inquisitor/Dark Millennium – works in progress (2)

Roy Ayres ‘Everybody loves the sunshine’

I had a re-think about this project, and decided not to create a set of heroes and a group of villains, which was a bit restrictive; but just the one collection.

I kind of had in mind the crew from the Serenity film – a bunch of misfits, who are at odds with the Imperium, but no fans of chaos.

Inquisitor models tend to focus on the darkness in the background of the 40,000 universe – but I want these models be a slightly less grim variation on that.

I’ve built the Astropath – vaguely based on Polonius; as somebody who is a bit fussy and prim, yet prophetic: 


Also, a (liberated) Pit-Slave:

The Ogre body was among some bits and pieces I bought off Ebay a while back; and had been badly damaged.

But that will come in useful here, as it’s meant to look like a mish-mash of human and machine:


Next up (hopefully) will be the Psyker, and the Imperial Guardswoman. I want to give them an Arabian theme, to fit in with Quranin – but we’ll see.